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De Moon's Shadow

DMS is a leading Clothing Shop based in Nagpur.

Since 2022, They have been known for thier great service and great style.

Stationary photo

Brand Logo

Keeping in mind the agility, flexibility and strength you get with physical activity ideated the Logo for a Sportswear Brand for dynamic identity.

The concept behind choosing green was it's resemblance to nature, freshness, health, energy, rejuvenation. We wanted to keep the genre of the brand closer to movement.

Shop Branding

Store Branding for De Moon's Shadow to make the Sports Brand stand out in the current market with a unique style and passion.


Print Media

Personalized print media design from visiting card, letter head till envelope for DMS, to give it a professional look in this competitive market.


Customized Apparels for the staff of DMS and carry bags to give a premium brand feel.

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